That was the last ride of 2012

I’m sure the forecast said light rain only. Car loaded (or so I thought) and I take the windscreen cover off. It’s just damp I think. Well that was until I got in the car and the wipers scraped over some ice….

Just driving out of Balbeggie on the way to the meet up and an expletive was uttered! I’d forgotten my helmet! What a doughball! No time to go back and get it, maybe one of the others will have a spare big enough. Thankfully Bill did. First hiccup of the day over and off we 4 go.
By the time we get to the Bridge over the Isla it’s blowing hard and Bill has a broken back spoke. On to Murthly we go. Frozen puddles were a clue to the road conditions! Back wheel slides and not pleasant pedalling and the decision was made to head direct towards Stanley and then Ballathie. Oh yes Bursie was also mentioned. One day I will love that hill!
It was still blowing hard and the rain was stinging on the face. At least on the section back to Kinclaven we had a slight tail wind. On to the foot of Bursie and the snow starts. Not just little flakes but large 10p sized ones coming horizontally at us. The only way is up, very slowly pedalling and then a walk. One day I will love Bursie.
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee, wind behind us back to the village. Pay back for earlier headwinds.
Cafe Mauchline was braw and warm as was the Bacon rolls tea coffee and fresh scones, they may not have risen much but they were still good. Thanks Mauchilne Family.

See ya next year for more snow wind and rain and me trying to Love Bursie 🙂

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