Boxing Day – Ballo – 8:15am

Enough said!


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3 Responses to Boxing Day – Ballo – 8:15am

  1. spokeclinic says:

    Ballo… a stupid idea!
    The road was wet, muddy in places, but very very quiet. The toil up the hill began. I am saving the low range for later when my lungs will be wanting to burst out my chest. I am through campmuir now, and grinding my way to the bottom of Ballo. I crawl up Ballo, sitting down all the way. then it happened.

    It is never nice to have component failure. Component failure, without warning is quite unpleasant. picture the scene, I am within spitting distance of the car park at the top of Ballo hill when Kertwang my chain just gives out, and being the super prepared cyclist I have no way of fixing this vital component. I pick the chain up and free wheel down the hill. I get as far as the Newtyle junction before having the “scoot” the bike along. As I walked past AM’s house. I imagine I can hear the guffaws.
    My faith in human nature was soon restored as a bloke from Campmuir in is landbruiser draws along side my plodding (plodding in high toes shoes lol) figure and asks if I have far to go, as he had seen me scooting through Campmuir and was offered me a lift home. He did not know how far I had to go. I declined his kind offer and said i was going to the end of the village. He drove away and turned his landbruiser round at the village hall and went back to Campmuir. I walked home..

  2. David says:

    Just back from an hours daunder on the bike. No lycra no spds no poncy glasses just out for a pedal through the town up the North Inch and out to Almonbank and back the main road. The path through the North Inch Golf Course was flooded behind the school and it was deeper then any puddle we found on Sunday. I know this because I cycled through it 🙂

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