Sunday 4th November

8.00am and out we rolled, AM and BP with the rest taking a long lie in, and how wrong they were, clear sky’s ment slippy under tyre, but lovely sunshine on our backs, so we decided to stick to the main roads and head for Glamis.  2 abreast at times (2 fingers to Mr Plod) and no problems till we reach Meigle and turn onto the 8 Mile road and a beautifully held slide of the back tyre from BP(which causes the bum to clench just a little), so just a little more careful up to Kirrie untill the sun has melted the last of the ice.  The chat was constant mainly from BP as he never shuts his mouth and the usual conversations of what we have done over the weekend were discussed, fireworks and bonfire followed by assault and hair removal from AM and pished wife and annoyed husband by BP on Friday, Birthday on Saturday with a hung over wife and a lovely meal at Lands of Loyal (great food) from BP and work stuff and beef curry from AM.  30mph were contested and drawn I think 4 each (not to sure of that ask Alan, but no convinced he was to sure either) but a laugh was had.  Meigle and tea and date slice as the scones were still in the oven, but nice all the same and home with 36 miles covered on some slightly dodgy roads to begin and some really dirty ones to finish, but 2 happy cyclists never the less.  It wasn’t the 102 miles of last week and it does seem quite weak saying it in the same sentence but it was good to get out.

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One Response to Sunday 4th November

  1. David says:

    Assault and Hair Removal, sounds intriging. Squeaky Bum time 🙂
    Not much of a lie in on Sunday in the end neither of the potential Drunks were wanting to be drunks and they both drove.

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