It went by without any recognition – until now!

Cast your mind back to October 2010. I know its a long time ago, and most of cant remember what we even had for breakfast.
October 2010, not a remarkable month by any stretch of the imagination, until this happened… The Spokeclinic Blog was born.
A blog to enlighten, amuse, confuse and inform. A blog that keeps us all on the same road (almost). A blog that carefully and accuratley records the outcomes or our many splendid and varied excursions to Edzell in the north, to Rannoch Station in the west, Montrose in the east and I am buggered if I can think how far south we have gone. Who would have thought that we would still be cycling together (mostly) 2 years on?.
Since that day, our wee blog has been visited over 9000 times. Had its busyest day on the 4th of March 2012. (79). Path of Condie in November last year was most commented upon, this is also the month that the Balbeggie Garages fab scones ceased to exist (along with the service station).

In hind sight, and by complete coincidence, the 100 mile run at the week end past was a perfect salute to the existance of the ‘clinic … well done all you Spokers/Clinicians/Lurkers/Commenters.

Raise your juice bottles and have a wee swig to celebrate “The blog”!


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2 Responses to It went by without any recognition – until now!

  1. You need to get out more, you have way to much time on your hands!!!!!

  2. David says:

    I’m more worried about who has been on holiday in France Cyprus or America and been reading the blog from there rather than sunning themselves! Or has our fame traveled around the globe and we have a global audience for out exploits!

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