So many titles, so little substance.

It was a cool and misty morning when we set off on our shrouded odyssey. We were lit up and headed up “mud on road” to Ballo – not been up there in a while. AM did his best whippet impersonation and scooted to the top. I followed. At the top we admired the view. We were above the mist and the sun was keaking round Dundee. Due to a lack of photographic equipment, you will just have to take our word for the spectacularness (lol thats not even a word) of the vista. Onward we went,”mud on road” and up through Littleton. Top of Tully and the views were again astounding (Coupar and Blair hidden by the mist) erm the hills picked out by the orangey glow of the early morning sun and the valley coated in thick fingers of mist. Lundie “mud on road” next. Lundie passed in a mud splattered blur or was it the mist formed on my goggles that made it blurry. Photo opportunity 3 the swans reflected in the mirror smooth loch by the Lundie road with whips of mist curling around. As we headed down the road towards Newtyle a jeep (WW11 vintage i think) came up behind us, we pressed the pedals harder. This was particularly easy as we were going down hill. The Jeep stayed glued to my back wheel (a drafting jeep ha ha ha) until we hit Newtyle breaking the speed limit, and it(the jeep) shuddered and shook past. We cruised down the road to Meigle, but alas the coffee shop was still closed (we never actually checked to see if anybody was in). The road from Meigle to Campmuir was more mud than road. This gave the gave the road “a low coefficient of static friction.” (to quote Sheldon Cooper) – the road was slippery.We slipped about. The route from this level of muddy hell was to go Buttergask from Campmuir, but were met with at the crossroads(right to Campmuir, left towards Ballo or straight on through several tonnes of waterlogged earth creatively deposited by the tattie howkers vehicles, to disguise the path to buttergask as an extension of the field. Left and then right to buttergask, this road too had suffered from the mud pie makers. We kept going and headed for Redstone. With the main road crossed we quickly got on to Whitelea Road which was its usual speedy self taking us home.
So home then, no stops, no Tea and no buttered scones –

Todays run was a mud covered 35 miles at very very poor 14 mph average. Speed was maxed out at 40.something.

Titles for day included: Mud mud glorious mud, gorillas in the mist,get a grip, I can grow tatties on my bike….

Next week is our 100 miler – the route is something like this (for those who don’t do maps):
Here,Ballo,Knapp,Invergowrie,Dundee,Broughtyferry,Monifeith,Carnoustie,Arbroath (I now sound like a scotrail train announcer), Lunan Bay, Montrose, Brechin, Edzell, Kirriemuir,Meigle,Here.


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16 Responses to So many titles, so little substance.

  1. spokeclinic says:

    this is the October 100 route in g-maps: …. just cut and paste it into your browser and all will be revealed … the elevation thingy does not appear to be working 😦

  2. I’m in, what time are we leaving as with clocks going back just so we are all there at the same time??? Some one tell AM that it’s the weekend clock’s go back so we don’t meet him coming back!!!! Where are we stopping and how many times? so can bring enough funds!!!! Think it might be a frosty one as temps to fall on Friday, but looking forward none the less!!!!!

  3. spokeclinic says:

    kick off at 8am GMT…
    Stops at Barry Golf Club* bacon Rolls coffee/tea etc, then Montrose – unknown venue – road side cafe for a quick chew on an energy bar and a slurp of carb laden juice… next proper stop will be at Brechin Castle (avoid the scones) – now this is about the 65 mile mark, so if your ever caring partners want to join us for a bite then this is the place (they could bring the bike locks too!)
    Final official stop will be Meigle this is about 95 miles.

    It would be good if we had a camera with us to record the first century ride!

    *I will check to see if its open this week 🙂

  4. spokeclinic says:

    Barry Golf Club – is not open 😦
    So, checking out alternatives…

  5. Big Breakfast and a stop at Brechin Castle????

  6. Fair comment, any suggestions??? Arbroath Smokie anyone for breakfast? Not me anyway. Problem might be getting anything open before 10.00am, That will take us 32 miles or so in with a 16mph average, Where will that take us to???

  7. Okay, forcast for Sunday is light rain mainly in the west, which means because we will be going up the east coast it will be windy and pishing down as they never get it right. So are we all still going if it’s wet???? I would like too as it will probably not be to bad and it looks mild at 8-10 deg

  8. David says:

    I’m giving it a miss. No cycling last 2 weeks and before that only 50 miler runs so safer to give it a miss as not done the miles as prep. Will just need to leave 100 miles on my to do list.

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