Blue Skies and Long Shadows

Don’t you just love it when the alarm goes at 06.30 on a Sunday and you see that it is dry with a clear (still dark) sky and then you spot the frost glistening on the cars and give an involuntary shiver. Time for breakfast and get the layers on ready for todays cycle.
The garage beckons. I think it’s a morning to have lights on the bike. Off I go and head out the road to meet Alan and Andrew at the Kinclaven turn off. Not many folk around in town this morning, don’t even see anyone doing the Sunday Morning walk of shame. Bottom of South Street and the lights take an eternity to change to green.
I wish they would find some money to resurface Isla Road, especially once you get to Springlands and up to Scone Palace. It is R-A-F. don;t seem to have the usual get up and go this morning and the pedal out kinda drags on. Just past the bottom of Bursie I spy a couple of fluorescent jacketed cyclists ahead. More Sunday nutters I think at first. I was kind of right The closer I get to them the more I realise that they are my fellow nutters Alan and Andrew who had fancied a spot of free fall down Bursie to start the day.
Off out to Blair and then onto the Dunkeld Road. I think most motorists have taken the sensible option today and stayed at home with a full cooked breakfast and the Sunday Papers as there is hardly a soul about.
Plenty of Long Shadows on the road of the three of us and Andrew arranges himself so that his shadow looks to be pushing me. It’s that kind of childish morning. It’s still chilly and Alan is doing his Ninja routine again with his ski mask on. We could see it was cold from the ice crystals forming on him. No stopping at Butterstone it’s onto Dunkeld. Up through Birnam and across the A9 past the gadgies abandoned caravans. At this point if you have read Andrews comments you will know that we got an unsuspecting cyclist in our sights and hunted them down.  Not like a pack of rabid animals more like a trio of peching old blokes cycling uphill. Passing the poor girlie with a cheery good morning we head on our way. Redgorton or Pitcairngreen as planned. Redgorton wins and after managing to avoid the Bankfoot Sunday drivers we start climbing again. Alan ponders if the building are an Old Folks home but then realises they are actually posh houses. Tonto Mauchline says we go left we follow without question. OOPS. Thats the A9 and no way direct route to Stanley. Turn back, Walk up the verge to 100m to the turn or pedal like hell to the junction. Pedal like hell we did and made it off the A9. Okay. confession time. i’d kinda lost my bearings and had no idea where in Stanley the road came out. The Chip Shop that Andrew refered to was the Fu Lam or as I will now call it The Drunk Sheep! We weren’t in a very chatty mood today but down to Luncarty it was and at that point Andrew dropped a clanger or was it him just losing his bottle. Alan and I carried on while Andrew back tracked. I’ll skip the bit about cruising the Inch looking for little Rugby players incase it gets any of us into trouble. It was rather very pleasant sitting outside Canto in the sunshine scaring off other potential customers.

Alan and Andrew outside Cafe Canto

Some more photos from today.

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2 Responses to Blue Skies and Long Shadows

  1. spokeclinic says:

    great pictures in flickr.. 1576.. makes my back wheel look something other than round

    • David says:

      I need to get the camera mounted better as there were too many ruined photos due to vibration. The battery ran out just before the downhill to Waterloo.

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