Sunday 7th

Choice of routes and start times this Sunday.

Route 1
Start times – 08.00 T&P or 08.15 Kinclaven

Route 2
Start Ushaw College Durham 07.02

Good luck to Bill for Etape Pennines. I think he may need it.

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6 Responses to Sunday 7th

  1. Thanks for the good wishes, don’t think I will need luck just a 50cc engine, looks a bit on the hilly side!!!!

  2. spokeclinic says:

    Title: Speedo’ Inaccuracy:
    Star date 07102012: It first appeared logical to stay at home and not go out in the freezing temperatures. But Spock does not cycle so we set off in weather that was a jacket colder than even last week.
    It was a simple run of 43 point something miles doing roads that we quite often cycle in the other direction. First things first though, up the Whitelea Road and down Bursie. We are just winding up the speed when two of our wild deer spring across the road in front of us. We don’t flinch. I am being slipstream, gathering momentum, my slip streamer pulls out to pass and disappears backwards. Its nuts really but I am quite pleased to have broken 45 mph before deploying the airbrakes and the wheel brakes.
    Now at Kinclaven, we wait for Dave and his video camera. He arrives like he has been stalking us along the road. We set off up past the beech hedges and cruise to Blairgowrie. Not right in to Blairgowrie, no we turn off and head for Dunkeld. This is an uneventful and very quiet run. No cars, no witty banter, actually no banter at all, as we concentrate on the journey. I get confused on this road, I always think we are further up the road than we actually are. Dunkeld and Birnam achieved we cross the A9 and head for Waterloo. the shout goes up “Target Acquired”. Sure enough a lone cyclist ahead, we drop into stealth mode (if you ignore the squeaks and creaks), line astern, steady as we go, we reel in the poor unsuspecting cyclist. We have the advantage, they are on a mountain bike. Closer and closer, the a small burst of speed, just to make sure. “morning”, “lovely morning”.. etc etc we leave them in our wake. the road starts to climb now, under the railway bridge. Waterloo passes and so does Bankfoot, no racing for the 30’s today.
    Pitcairngreen is our next target, or was it Redgorton, no it was Redgorton. The miles are rolling past, we approach the crossroads, AM shouts left, we go left, and cruise on at a healthy pace. Ah what the, is that the A9? The A9 shouldn’t be here! It is, and we realise our we mistake. Second left not first left. So, weighing our options we go on to the A9 and go as fast as my we tired legs will propel me towards the mirage that is the Stanley turn off. We are back on the Stanley/Luncarty route. DB appears confused as to where we are, “is that Stewart Towers?” .. no That is Active Kids. “where does this bring us out the then?” asked DB. Am replies by the school. Blank look from DB. “next to the pub and chip shop”. DB “ah just after the sleeping policeman”. At the junction plod drives past, clearly not asleep.
    This road is one we have traveled quite a lot in the past. We line up behind DB and bleesh into Luncarty.
    The A9 is again in our sights, not a view of the A9 that drivers get to see here as we traverse the underpasses on both sides of the Almond. We go past the rugby pitches, I crane my neck to spot my boys. Nope, didn’t see them… they all look alike in their rugby strips. Cafe Canto next, toasted scones and tea are most welcome, after 40 miles of crank turning. (I know DB you had done more at this point on your 43 mile route and you had coffee)
    AM and I set off for home, popping up onto the pavement on the old bridge to avoid the temporary traffic lights at Bridgeend. AM leads the way, Right? Why are we going right? We go through Scone (Skoon) and Belbeggie, it is taking me all my efforts just to keep pace with this man on a mission. Past Kinrossie, I take the front, we power down the road at 24mph. We take turns on the front. The 30’s approach, I go for it, not the claiming the 30’s.. oh no I wanted to hit town doing more than 30. I succeed. I get home, puggled.
    The stats as recorded by my trip computer read like this 50.5miles (on a 43 mile run, something is clearly wrong) Avg 15mph dead, max speed 45.3.

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