The Girl With The Bright Red Hair.

The sun was not really up, and the air was colder than a witches tit, when we set out this morning. Somebody had stolen all the scenery or at least painted it all grey (we could have been at the wind farm). Two of us rolled out the village, with our fingers freezing inside our gloves. The first few miles are cold, very cold. I wanted to go home. We are approaching the Blairgowrie road when there is a double flash of red past the road end. Yes, we had timed to perfection the meeting at Bridge of Isla. There is no hanging about here today, its still too cold and the mist had gotten worse. It cant really be water evaporating from the Tay and the Isla can it? We cross the Tay. The water looks cold enough to have ice flows. The run is uneventful, there is no racing for the 30’s and the speeds through Waterloo and Bankfoot are high teens not mid twenties. The first climb of the day is up to Airntully from Bankfoot. I like the Airntully road. We pass the tatties being lifted and the obligatory dog taking its owner for a walk. Stanley next and onward to Luncarty. On the edge of Luncarty there is a bloke (old enough to know better) cutting his hedge with a strimmer … who knew strimmers were so versatile. We take the psychopath to Perth, crossing under the A9 twice, on the opposite banks of the Almond.
Perth, we knew we were too early for Cafe Canto, so we headed for Reids. Reids is still closed. We head for Willows – this smacks of desperation. As we approach Willows, a girl with burning lithium red hair was unlocking the tables out side Curiositeaz. We “help” put some of the tables out and step inside for tea and scones (11 varieties). We had one each, honest. DB shows us some holiday pictures, and AM tells us of his visit to the Paralympics and my trip to Cambridge. These are some of the excuses for being absent for the last few weeks. We devour the scones and go to pay. The girl (with the red hair) must have thought she was going to be robbed as AM is standing at the till with his snood half on (doing a good impression of the elephant man – bag over his head) – when she looks up. SE and DB pay.
At the kerb DB asks to have a look at my bike. We swap. DB then grips my crank and gives it a right good tug, it does not move. I grip his – it moves significantly, flopping about you might say. looks like your BB is goosed DB! Then AM points out the cut and the blister on the back tyre of DB’s bike.. Not a good day for DB in his (I am going to use his wife’s words) “Sexy Lycra”.
We set off for home, its amazing how quickly you stiffen up and how cold you get when you stop for tea. Stormontfield and Bursie brae, is the chosen route for AM and I. Bursie never gets any better. Its too long to stand on the pedals all the way up. So, you just have to grind away all the way to the top. We cruise down Whitelea road to the village and go quietly home.

Run stats avg 14.7 (thanks bursie), Distance 42 miles.

Where to next week, only the highlighter knows. What I do know about next week is the start will be 8 and not a quarter to… light is beating us now, winter is a coming!


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2 Responses to The Girl With The Bright Red Hair.

  1. David says:

    Interesting morning for a pedal. Just as well we knew the route as for chunks of it not much of it was visible through the morning murk. After thawing out at home the offending tyre and tube were changed. Now to see what damage it is for fixing the bike.

  2. David says:

    A kindly soul with longer legs than me took my bike to the doctor today to get fixed. Must have been an intersting sight to see the “freak machine” rider riding a much smaller bike than he used too 🙂 Thanks Mr W.

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