And the Run for Sunday is an On Highlighter One

And the run for Sunday is an on highlighter one , with plenty of escapes for those not wanting to go all the way.

Start: Usual place T&P and the usual 7:45 time. Heading along the Main Road towards the village hall and then going left along Station Road. Left at the end of Station Road and head for the cemetery then left up to Gilbo’s and down to the Bridge of Islam. Left again and over the Tay towards Murthly. At the “T” junction go left once more heading for Waterloo and Bankfoot. Guess what, left again in Bankfoot and head for Stanley and then on to Luncarty. Leaving Luncarty we follow the psycho-path to the Inch. Coffee is a distinct possibility here, Reids is probably open, * you know how cold cycle runs can get! Back on the bike and over the old bridge and out towards scone. ** On the road to Scone we take a right, I know a right, has to be just about the first one today, and head up past Murrayshall, using this wee road – dangerous because it is populated by gowfers. *** Head for Crossford and then Balbeggie. At Balbeggie we go out towards Collace. At the fork in the road you have the choice to dodge the quarry and just go to Kinrossie. Both prongs of this fork will bring you to Saucher. **** Saucher turn right and stay off the main road all the way back home.

This is a 40 mile run/plod/daunder. With no racing not even for the 30 limit signs – unless you feel the urge!

· * DB this is your possible jump off point.

· ** SE this is your possible jump off point.

· *** for those with a liking for hills you can go off here and head for Pitroddie and the Carse.

· ****AW this is where you will be so far back that to make up any ground you will have to take the Kinrossie prong.


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5 Responses to And the Run for Sunday is an On Highlighter One

  1. David says:

    Oh joy It’s a bit early a start. Think i’ll pedal out and aim to meet you guys usual spot 7.55 / 08.00. It’s going to be painful after being away for soooooo long.

  2. Sorry boys but out today for a wee 60 miles as I am golfing tomorrow!!!

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