The hundred miler

The hundred miler cropped up in wheezed conversation on Sunday past and this set me thinking about not just a hundred miler but something with a bit of a challenge attached to it. Something that could include our cycle widows and cycle orphan children.
Two runs back to back! Well more precisely one run and a wee stay over at the destination and for those who want to do it all again a run home back along the same roads (variations will be considered). As you may have already guessed, I have plotted most of the two day challenge and know exactly where the mid (end) point will be.
So, here is the sketchy detail (detail is the wrong word..its more ethereal than that). The widows and orphans set off on the Friday night and head for an evening free from lycra and butt cream and the clinicians preparations to the mid/end point. The clinicians set off on their 90/95 mile trek, with a suitable volunteer to drive a broom wagon just in case. We pedal sedately (no 21mph averages at any piont on this excursion) to coffee here, lunch there, afternoon tea (with buttered scones) and finally arrive at the end/mid point totally sh@gged out and ready to face the widows and orphans.
We all spend a pleasant evening discussing who is going to woose out for the return journey the next day over dinner and a few small but significant libations.
Sunday morning will be a leave early (this avoids packing the cars and making sure all the orphans are with the correct widows etc) and cruise towards coffee, lunch and mid afternoon refreshments.

Both runs would not be exclusive to “The Sunday Nut Jobs”. If for instance somebody wanted to do a bit of either or both runs they could join TSNJ for as short or as long as they wanted.

Dates: when the clocks go forward again I think unless we kick the 100 miler in to touch and go the last weekend in October. Remember when the accomodation gets booked, there is no backing out regardless of what the weather might throw at us.

Destination: That is a secret, but you are welcome to guess… There is a prize for the first correct answer!


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7 Responses to The hundred miler

  1. Ross says:

    So Blair Athol camp site then ….

  2. Count me in for both runs and the family always love a night away!!!! Not a clue where we are going and don’t really care if I am being honest!!!

  3. spokeclinic says:

    @Ross . no that is too close.
    @Bill Last weekend in October for the 100 miler and lets pick a spring date (like when the clocks go forward) for the back to back run.
    @Dave no its not Rannoch either

  4. Anyone going out tomorrow??? I will be leaving T&P at 7.45 but on call so will not be going to far from home!!!!

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