Reverse Sundays

And the run for this Sunday is a properly scenic 44 mile jaunt, going the otherway on roads we usually travel Click here! This run has a wee bit more altitude to it but should none the less bring smiles to the intrepid.

Meet at T&P
Time 08:00


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2 Responses to Reverse Sundays

  1. David says:


    Had to put that upfront in capitals as it is such a rare occasion. Just glad it wasn’t this evening we were cycling with the way the rain was coming down.
    Alan took us down a new road today. We found a new hill! Jings it wasn’t funny when my shredded wheat from breakfast nearly made an appearance part way up it. Then on to “The Bottom” and then Lintrathen Loch which was stunning and Mill Pond calm and made up for the climb to it. On the way back we followed the sign for Bamff (wish they could spell properly up there) oh the fun of going over cattle grids!
    The Den of Alyth has some mystical powers. We were pedalling through and next I know the solution to Fridays work problem finds it’s way into my head! Result, makes tomorrow morning easier!
    5 ways roundabout and the bats from hell were unleashed! Well okay the 4 of us pedalled as fast we we could trying to outdoo each others top speed! For the record mine was 37.5.
    Contrary to suggestions else where in this blog we did not eat all the pies in Meigle! We may have inhaled Scones, Rockie Road and Date Slices but no pies 🙂

  2. spokeclinic says:

    “The Bottom” was at the top of the hill … only in Angus. It is not often, in fact I dont remember doing it before, we stop to take in the vista.

    As for the Pies … we worked hard to get our refreshments … setting the seats and tables up outside before we got to sit down.

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