The Sunday after the Saturday Before

Sunday run … now because of the “market on the green” (see you there to buy tablet and ice cream) on Saturday afternoon, I propose Meigle the Long way round because its 45 miles and its flat (sort of).

I will of course start at T&P and cycle to Perth to meet you at the North Inch at 8:15 (time taken from the ticket machine at the Albert Memorial, the assumption is that I can do the “to Perth” bit in 40 minutes! The hard bit is working out what 8:15 take 40mins is…. We will then pile out to Stanley and over the bridge to CWTFSA and on to Meigle via Ardler and then back via Newtyle if Mr CBA has not taken up residence by then….
The biggest hump being Whitelea road High 465 and a low of 19 at Inveralmond.


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4 Responses to The Sunday after the Saturday Before

  1. David says:

    Can’t think of an excuse so guess i’ll be there. You could suggest this route for the WAGS as a last run before P for S 🙂

  2. spokeclinic says:

    Not just any truck, but a Marks and Spencer truck.

    It was odd sort of day with the wind not really knowing which way to blow. The weather is not looking promising, we are heading west to where the darkest clouds are menacing the horizon. We set off up the Whitelea road to the highest point on the run, and on down to Guldtown . There are quite a few cyclists all going the other way (do they know something we don’t). My heart is not really in this run. Too much BBQ food last night and being on the village green for 12 hours the day before. It’s not long before we are at the Albert Memorial, the lowest point on the run, and discussing where the route was from here. Bill looks pale as he asks “up the A9”. No, no, no, round the cycle path and out to Luncarty. Again I am slowest, we regroup and head for Stanley. Through Stanley over the biggest speed hump in the world, and onward to Balathie. The group splits again, and I am once more at the back, not complaining or anything, just saying. We pass some other cyclists, I am sure i recognised one of them from our run to the Albert memorial. Kinclaven Bridge next, for once the traffic lights are in our favour and we cruise over the Tay. We regroup at Meiklour and all get a recap on the route from here. Setting off up past the world famous Beech Hedge and wheezing towards Coupar Angus, I am yet again on the back. The weather has been sort of kind to us so far, but a swirling wind that gets you at gaps in the hedgerows and is never on your tail is a might irritating.
    Now in Coupar Angus, Dave and I head out the Forfar road, dismayed at how far behind we had dropped. Dave then says “they are behind us” sneaky pint at the Red House was it?”. We head off up the main road and leave it at Larghan Park, rolling towards Ardler. We come to a soft fruit farm, I forget its name – if I ever knew it in the first place, and as we round the bend there is an articulated 40 tonne truck filling the road coming straight at us. We verge, he does not stop, the verge is sandy and slippy, my bike is all over the place as we squeeze past the rolling Marks and Spencer truck. Dave takes fright at his slipping wheels and makes for the grass. The truck does not stop. I am at the front now, talking with Bill, we cruise towards Meigle. The pack splits again, this time I am on the front. Bill and I arrive at Meigle. We are discussing where we should go, left for coffee or right to Newtyle, then not one but two buses try to turn the corner from the right in to the wee country road we were blocking. This makes up out minds and we go left. Now I should have said, we were making such good time the Joinery Cafe in Meigle was going to be closed if we arrived too early. So we had hatched a plan to go to Newtyle and back home. As I said the pack had split so Bill and I detoured to the Cafe, it’s open! We go in and call the others, they are not answering.. We have our usual and then head for home.
    Average was 16’s, distance was a baw hair shy of 45 miles. In all my many miles cycling round this part of the country, I had never done this run in this direction… don’t understand why. It was a good run for tired legs.

    I know “verge” is not a verb. But as the olympic commentators were using the words “Medal” and “Podium” as verbs, I thought why not verge.

    • David says:

      Too much gassing and wheezing so didn’t hear the call. Oh well such is life it was nearly all 5 of us for the whole route.

      You forgot Bills buckled wheel, shame it didn’t slow him down 🙂

  3. David says:

    The Alternative Ending

    We will be too early for the Meigle Coffee shop was the cry! I’ve got baking left over from yesterday let’s just go back to mine says AM. Ok let’s go up to Newtyle and back to the village that way was the shout!

    Bill leads the way Andrew clinging to his back wheel and they open a gap. We get to Meigle and no sign of the twosome so we head up to Newtyle as expected, still no sign. Onwards we go. So much more fun going this direction for a change. On we head. JA and I decide to head on into Perth and AM peals off to Burrelton. We pedal on at Balbeggie I spies my sister and her brood heading home post holiday. Road works in Scone. Roadworks Bridgend. Fresh warm scones at Canto. Enjoyable pedal it’s been a while since we had 5 of us out on a Sunday.

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