No Tilting at Windmills

As Don Quixote Whamond made the helpful suggestion of a pedal to the Alyth Wind farm then kindly cleared off on holiday and then Bill headed to sunnier lands with his hareem we decided to ignore the suggestion and go and do something completely different!

After emails and texts Alan said he was working and would do his own thing and that John and I should head off from Perth. 08.15 South Inch Car Park for a ride into Fife was arranged. 08.15 being a nice civilised time on a Sunday.

08.15 just turning off Marshall Place on to Tay Street and I spies John coming down the road behind me. Very strange I thinks. Turns out it was Johns turn this week to get the wrong meet up time. He had arrived at 07.45 wondered where I was, checked his phone and realised he was 30 minutes early and had been circling around the streets and South Inch killing time since then.

Off through the harbour and out we went (we hate hills).  Then off up (and up) the road to Glenfarg.  One of us muttered “we’re not even at the Bein in yet” as we pedalled on. Was that really a cyclist dressed in red sleeping in the Glenfarg  bus shelter that we spotted!

I think the good people of Fife had heard of our reputation and were warning others as we spotted several “Caution Cyclists” signs around the place! Turn Left at Easter Balgeddie and down to Strathmiglo then a left or right decision.Not been down that path for oooo must be 20 (ish years since I did the Edinburgh – St Andrews cycle, really must do that again some day)

Ah Glen Foot! The joys of the 2 miles to Abernethy, one mile up one mile down. As usual I did nothing fast and it was a slow steady climb up to past the off-Road centre and then the “weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” all the way down the other side! Glad we did it from the Fife side and not from Abernethy!!! There was nearly a “Right Turn Clyde” moment as I stuck out my arm to indicate to the cars where we were turning and just about smacked John in the face as he came alongside me!

Still no head wind on the Baiglie straight so off to Brig Farm for 2 coffees a round of toast and a Scone with White Chocolate and Cinnamon.

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