Where to this Sunday

This Sunday, I will be studying the inside of my eyelids having cycled piles of miles this last couple of weeks on my own. To and from work really racks up the miles (30 per day) with an 8 hour rest at the half way point. Unlike last Sunday where I cycled on my own for miles, with only myself to talk to!

Anyway less about me and more about where I suggest you lot go on Sunday….

8am start thats EIGHT am for the hard of hearing and reading. From T&P. Do the windfarm, always a favourite.


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6 Responses to Where to this Sunday

  1. David says:

    Or stay at home in the dry and watch the Girlies Olympic Road Race πŸ™‚

  2. Will be thinking of you while i am doing my warm weather training in Menorca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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