It is easy seen

Well holiday season is upon us, and the numbers have dropped. So, if anybody is about I will be leaving T&P at 8:30am on Sunday, on a bit of a quest to find a road that I have not cycled before.. So I will be going out beyond Forfar or Kirrie. Rest assured that you will not mis-out on this run, as I will a) write it up and b) plan it for another day when we are more numerous, and I have grown tired of poking needles in my eyes 🙂66.6 miles The coffee stop is at Brechin Castle (and Meigle on the way back.. lol)!


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  1. spokeclinic says:

    8:30, the lone cyclist sets off, CWTFSA passes without having to hold my breath, the lights change to green as I approach, that has to be a first. Next landmark is Meigle, my average is evens, how can that be? Jink left then right on to the road that always feels longer than 8 miles heading for Roundy Hill. Will it be different cycling it in the “wrong” direction. It feels shorter, average still evens, the road surface is better in the right direction. OMG the penny drops, that south westerly will be blowing in my chops all the way home.
    Kirriemuir next, damn that cross wind. In Kirrie there is a dead end street called “The Moon”. I stop in the town centre which is cobbled and pedestrianised. I ask an old man for directions to Tannadice. The wag asks if I mean the football ground?”. He then tells me he did once give directions to a tourist to the football ground. Through Kirrie’ now and heading for Tannadice (no not the football ground). The romans have a lot to answer for on the aptly named Brechin Road, either that or the sheep in this part of the world get driven in dead straight lines. If I had not been enjoying the run so much I would have stopped to take pictures. The scenery is fab, the sun is still shining and I am feeling good. Over the River South Esk, its quite high. The river not the bridge. I want to go to Battledykes! (smirk). I swear there is a lama in that field…
    Tannadice creeps up on me, I roll down through the village, watching for the left turn I need. Its closed! They are putting in footpaths. You would think that they would spend some money on the road surfaces on this run, rather than making sure some wee cherubs have a footpath to walk to school on. I ask a crumbly (carrying a lawnmower) if it really means closed or could I get through on my bike. He assures me it is closed, and recommends that I go back through Tannadice and out the Memus road. Up through Tannadice and out the Memus road I go. Somebody hates me this is up hill and into the wind. It adds 2 miles to my route. my average is taking a hammering.
    Careston next, I see the A90 and Brechin Castle on the other side. It just seems wrong to cycle past your destination. Finally I go under the A90 and get to Brechin Castle. The scones are a bit “bready” if you know what I mean. I sit like Billy-No-Mates for 10 mins, eating my cherry and coconut scone. Then the family arrive, eat like that have just cycled the 36 miles (17.5avg), and persuade me that I should put the bike in the car and go home with them. I give in and dismantle my bike into the boot of the car.
    We drive the road I should have cycled home, nice hills, horrible wind. We pass a few cyclists pedaling down hill.

    So this leaves one wee question, when are we all doing this whole run, no woosing out like me half way?

  2. I was there Sunday morning usual time 8.00am, giving it where the f**k is everyone, so put my music on and off i go, get to Newtyle, phone goes, Deed folk to collect so turn into a bloody strong wind and back home to a day from hell work wise. Oh then later looked at the blog to see if Andrews wee run had any comments and noticed the 8.30am start (Oops) silly me and I thought Alan was bad.

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