Where to this weekend.

Will it be dry?
Was wondering about going to see how deep the water across the ford at Little Glenshee was? The footbridge may be needed? Then head to Buchanty and back into Perth via Glen almond and Coffee somewhere. 8 at T&P 8.15 at Bridge over Isla (usual meeting point)?
Or Somewhere else?

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7 Responses to Where to this weekend.

  1. johngattwood says:

    Sounds like a plan, will meet you at brigend @ 7.45.

  2. spokeclinic says:

    See you at 8:15 @ bridge of Islam …. If I am not up north!

  3. spokeclinic says:

    Having just finished reading OCCD by Dave Barter, it struck me that I could do better job of summing up and documenting our Sunday runs. So here is the write up for Sunday the 15th July. So here is the 850 or so words!

    The alarm went off, nothing to keep me here in bed, other than watching the trees in the garden getting blown over. I scuttled about the house finding all the cycling gear and having breakfast. Finally i go out to get the bike.
    I open the garage door and there she is straining at the stand to get going. Not so fast, I roll out the garage and up the street to the meeting point. 2 minutes to wait. It is funny (well to me at least) as cars come hurtling into the village, and light up their brakes as they spot the fluorescent jacket in the distance. Some drivers smile, some indulge in some sign language. 1 minute to go, I can’t go early. The wind is blowing a hoolie, I picture the run in my head, some of this is going to be tough with a head wind.
    I roll off down through the village on my own, pondering where everybody else is, the wind is on my back, Left, and left again. The head wind begins, it is not as bad as I expect. I am heading for the Bridge of Isla. (the sign for this was defaced a few years back to say “Bridge of Islam”, I thought this funny). I reach the Bridge, and meet up with the rest of the peloton. We set off towards our Waterloo, the run is uneventful, the wind is across us most of the time. The chat is punctuated by the small rises that cause an increase in load. As we pedal downhill, I hadn’t envisaged the run down through Waterloo to Bankfoot to be into the wind. I spy the 40 signs, I am tucked in behind Spare Entry (John to his friends). The Undertaker is to my right. Dam it I am boxed in. I glance to my right and the undertaker knows what I want to do, he slides over the road and I stamp on the pedals, I take the 40’s by half a bike. The undertaker sets off, he will not be caught like that at the Bankfoot 30’s. Dave and I go wheel to wheel all the way to the 30’s, we call it a draw.
    Bankfoot is bereft of its usual Sunday driver bunnets, we go right heading for Little Glen Shee. This is a long up hill drag of a road, made better by the chat and the scenery. SE and the Undertaker squirt off up the road. I am happy to let them. We regroup at the ford. SE was the only one to actually cycle through it. The rest of us carried the bikes over the foot bridge. We stopped on the bridge, to discuss the wobblyness of the bridge, the “what was going through the road planners heads” when they came up with this little road. We agree its sheep, or at least the shepherd driving the sheep.
    After the ford there is a small sting of a climb. I have, for once, anticipated this correctly and dropped the gear to granny before crossing the footbridge. I spin up the hill. The road from here to Pitcairngeen is smooth and fast. At Pitcairngreen we come across a recumbent cyclist pulling a small trailer. We leave him behind and head through Almondbank and on to Perth. We stop outside Cafe Canto on George Street, one of our regular haunts, but it is still closed. We push our bikes along George Street to Reids (check out the cherries on that – the scones – they were great). The tea is worth the effort. It starts spittering with rain. Dave heads to home in Perth and SE Bridgeend. The Undertaker and I are left to head back out towards Islam. We detour off the main road past Scone Palace and the race course. On through Stormontfield until we pop out back on the main road beyond Guildtown. “Left, and head for Bursie” says I. I should learn to keep my trap well and truly closed.
    The run to Bursie has less chat as I am just trying to keep up. When I am within shouting distance I say to Bill, that his bike is making too much noise and he aught to tweak it a bit. We press on, the road is not the best surface, but it is quite fast. We come almost to a halt to take the right turn up Bursie brae. Bursie is about three quarters of a mile long and climbs mercilessly. Bills bike is making a different but odd noise. He crests the hill long before me, but is off the bike staring at his back wheel when I wheeze to a stop. “It’s Broken” he says, with a tear in his eye. Sure enough, a spoke has decided it’s not playing anymore and has parted from the rim. We try (not very hard) to remove it from the hub, but the block is in the way. It that why it’s called a block? We head home. Forty seven point something miles for me, averaging about fifteen point seven – quite pleased really.

  4. David says:

    Very eloquent and I avoided getting slapped for cheeky comments 🙂 Nice Scones.

  5. You have to much time on your hand, but I did enjoy it though!!!!!

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