More life in a dead fish

It was fine evening for a cycle. Not a care in the world, whizzing through the town, taking care at the traffic lights.. When, an engine revs hard, too close for comfort, and a pain is felt in the knuckles of my right hand. Three quarters of a tonne of car “guided” by its “able” pilot whacked my hand with the wing mirror.
I gave chase, overtook the chainsmoking old duffer at the next but one set of traffic lights, and stopped in the path of the car…. My heart was pounding as I let go in the best anglosaxon …. nothing… not even a blink … I have seen more life in the eyes of a dead fish … That should be where the story ends, but no… the driver of the car behind the dead fish starts having a pop at me for not indicating … So, it now transpires that as part of the highway code, if you are travelling along a road with junctions, that you don’t do anything other than go straight on, you must indicate forward. Maybe they meant I was supposed to indicate when in the Left filter lane, and going left, left … who knows.
The pain in the knuckles subsided very quickly (I think it was more shock at getting struck than actual pain), and there is no mark on the said knuckle – Thanks gloves! – But my views on old drivers who smoke roll-e-ups (wonder what the driver was smoking) should be banned.


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2 Responses to More life in a dead fish

  1. David says:

    Feck!!!!!!! Was the old duffers head in one of those i’m not looking round positions pretending he was not aware of you! Did you ask the other driver if they indicated when they were going straight on.

  2. Hope you took his number so you can report it to that fecking mr plod (don’t ride 2 abreast on an empty road, as it’s dangerous) and see what he says to that!!!!!! Wankers

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