Sunday 17th … a gentle one!

After BP and DB have skooshed their way round the Highland Perthshire on Saturday .. we will be doing this we shortie on Sunday..

Ballo (you dont have to race up it),
Abernyte (not stopping for coffee here),
Littleton (again its not a race, just grind up it),
Lundie (just a bump in the scheme of things),
D O W N to Newtyle and
D O W N further to Meigle for “refreshments”
and then home via Ardler etc!

Not measured this run.. but it will be about 30 miles 🙂

Start location T & P
Start Time 8:30 (‘cos Meigle will still be shut if we go any earlier!)

WP – if you believe that lol


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4 Responses to Sunday 17th … a gentle one!

  1. David says:

    I’m glad i’m not riding the 100 mile route on Saturday. The riders have to go up Ballo just to finish it and them off before they head to the finish line!!!

  2. 8.30am T&P let’s hope for a slightly better day tomorrow than today, looking forward to a wee run out, without full winter gear!!!

  3. spokeclinic says:

    Ah scones straight from the oven .. canny beat it… Just Bill and I and 8:30 this morning .. oh .. and a photographer …

    • Ashley says:

      Some people don’t read this and was at T&P at 8 so had a solo outing! Girls had a lovely little 16 mile cycle this afternoon. A little wet!

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