Reccy done … too late to worry..

What a glorious day – the route was just as I remembered … I think somebody stole my legs and gave me some big girls blouses ones instead! I mean how many times can I dropped off the back of the pack (4 man peleton).. That said, I enjoyed the run and the company and Hettie’s Tea Room in Pitlochry … HUGE SCONES and green tea .. bliss.

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9 Responses to Reccy done … too late to worry..

  1. David says:

    Cracking day. Blue Skies and snow capped mountains for 3 knackered cyclists and a whippet! Yeah the company was no bad either. Just had a quick scan through the video and the climb up Schiehallion is as slow as I remember and the downhill…….. Maybe better if Mrs B doesn’t see it is all I will say. Think I was a bit close to Andrew and Alan at one stage. Whats the chances of weather like that in 2 weeks.

  2. Was a Great morning Saturday too, just a bit cold to start off, but soon warmed up. If you are thinking about doing the Kinross run next year, think long and hard!!!!! Was way harder that the Etape, the 2 climbs on the red run were a killer with some lumpy stuff in between. The black run looked even worse and when you look at some of the best times it says it all. Was finished in 4hrs on the computer and 4.06 (second fastest over 40, not bad till you look at the over 50’s and there is about 6 faster in there, never mind I was quite chuffed with my time, with the last 15 miles into a really stiff headwind) overall with a stop to refuel at Dunning just before Dunning Common (worst climb you could find with 50 miles in the legs, unless you were doing the black run and it came 65 miles in ouch!!!!) now looking forward to the Etape and a much easier run than yesterday, unless its pissing down or blowing a gale.

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