Little Cherubs

OK so this run might be Saturday (gasp).
If little cherub number 2 is playing rugby in Dunfermline on Sunday then the run is on Saturday
If little cherub number 2 is not playing rubgy on Sunday then the run will take place on Sunday

The question was asked: Do we really need a recce run of the Etape?
My answer would be no, as there are much more interesting runs .. for example: this one T&P to Murthly to Amulree (now this is where we have alternatives) left to Gilmerton or right to Aberfeldy..
The case for going left: it is heading for home down the Sma glens length, St Martins etc.

The case for going right: Once you have reached Aberfeldy you go on a wee section of the Etape route and then more choices -staying on the Etape route go through Dunfallandy/Pitlochry and use the old A9 to get to Logierait (i think) OR turn right at Logierait
Once at Logierrait head down past Dalguise and play with the traffic on the A9 to Dunkeld … still dunno what the cycle track is like that would allow you to avoid the A9.

Departure time… as early as possible .. If I am on my own then it will be 7:30 oh and WP.
Distance will be anything from 65 to 80 miles … trust me I have measured it! πŸ™‚

there clear as mud!


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9 Responses to Little Cherubs

  1. David says:

    aaarrrggghhhh brain hurts

  2. David says:

    Sunday cycle for me this week.

  3. Working for me this weekend, so Saturday is a defo no, Sunday I may be able to do a little bit but can’t go to far from home with being on call.

  4. W says:

    Saturday cycle would suit me this week, but Sunday also is good. Keep me posted .

  5. spokeclinic says:

    Sunday it is… Perth, Kinclaven, Murthly, Amulree, Sma Glen, Gilmerton, MADderty, Perth .. home πŸ™‚

    Weather for Sunday is looking PISH!

  6. spokeclinic says:

    Start time for Sunday is 8:45 at Kinclaven bridge… this end .. for you Perthites starting in Perth… that is about 8am πŸ˜‰

  7. David says:

    Cracking Pedal, never cycled up to Amulree before. Had another slow patch today.

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