Easter Sunday

Anyone about for a pedal this Sunday?
If so where to?
Circular route to Little Glenshee Buchanty Perth or Dundee & across the Tay Bridge and home through Fife? Or somewhere else.

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11 Responses to Easter Sunday

  1. spokeclinic says:

    Never mind tomorrow… today I did a short run.
    Set off from the farm usual start time, headed for Clochan, but on the way there on the damp wee back roads 3 deer bounced out the woods right in front of me… I did a Bill and screamed like a girl! … Fochabers next.. got to cycle through what is going to become a ghost town now the very swish bypass has been opened. Next location to visit was Spey Bay .. then up (yes up because now i am at sea level) to Beaughfighter lane and Nether Dalachy.. the air has a smir in it.. or it could be the moistness being drawn off the road by my spinning wheels. Port Gordon next, you can almost hear the banjo’s playing. On to Buckie, yes its flat and right at sea level.. now up through the town centre..getting funny looks – is it because i is in lycra? or because I am an incomer? .. Who knows ever onward and upward to Dry Bridge then back to the farm … now far but its a start … now where to tomorrow!

  2. David says:

    08.00 South Inch car park then down through Fife over the Tay Bridge and home via Errol etc

  3. spokeclinic says:

    07:30 leave the farm, Dry bridge first (funny name for a place that floods) then over the hill to the Cullen – Keith road.. heading for Keith… once through Keith I took the Craigellachie road … passing through Mulben.. the climb is slow all the way to maggieknockater, I turned off for Dufftown… Dufftown was closed, so I had my Pan-au-chocolat from my extensive supplies. Refueled and headed for Keith… Got to Keith feeling a bit fooked.. (ooer keith and fooked in the same sentence). Anyway onward to Altmore Distillery, and the braes of Enzie, then back into Clochan… and home… Nippin knees and very tired legs.. Elevation gain 4600ft distance 50 miles.
    Distilleries inhaled: Dufftown, Glendullan,Glentauchers,Altmore,Glen Keith, there are probably more … but I wisnae caring!

  4. David says:

    Wind & more Wind. – Down through Abernethy & Newburgh then Wormit and over the Tay Bridge to Dundee. Coffee and Bacon roll at the Bridgeview Cafe. That was the enjoyable leg of todays pedal. From there on home it was into a headwind all the way back along the Carse to Perth. Another 55 miles done.

  5. spokeclinic says:

    Easter Monday: Aren’t bank holidays great?

    So Clochan to Mulben over this .. Enzie Braes ..then on to Keith and Deskford. Back over the hill at the 7 miles to Buckie sign, and back to the farm via Dry Bridge. Still scored a 40.2mph.. and terrified a poor old pensioner driving up the hill ( this hill.. blistering down hill ) from Buckie … lol

  6. You all put me to shame this week with your mileage over the holiday weekend but did manage a wee 40 miles on Monday, not happy though as it cost me a £40 tyre massive bloddy hole in the thing and had to get the wife to pick me up way up the back of Forfar somewhere, not sure she was that happy either. Also really need to practice changing tyres before the Etape as it still takes me forever. What are we doing this Sunday as could do with a long one, also should be sober as not out this weekend????

  7. David says:

    Hope it’s warmer for our Etape Recce in a couple of weeks than it was when I was there on Friday. I was glad I had a fleece and wooly hat to pull on when I got back to the car. It was chuffing cold up there.

  8. spokeclinic says:

    Last cycle of the hols done .. now to head home and work tomorrow … one day… one day i am going to cycle back from here … how difficult can it be its only 150 miles… and … the curvature of the earth will be with me! 🙂

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