Through Gritted Teeth!

Zero degrees at home (minus one in Perth), but the rugby is still on. Biggest cherub deposited at Bells, and the bike gets unpacked. I set off through the town to meet the only other clinician who was to brave the sub zero temperatures. So there I am climbing up Conrhill Road, its a bit like Ballo in that it has more corners than you remember when driving it. I am half way up when a truck sporting a nice yellow snow plough comes weaving its way down the hill, spewing grit salt across the dry and not icy road. B’stard, it gets me and my bike … I arrive at Daves, to find his road IS like a bloody ice rink with no sign of being gritted.
So not many nutters on the road.. especially the main road to Crieff. Return via Madderty again uneventful but a bit more ice lying about, especially as you go through the trees.
Top of Crieff Road we stop at the lights.. on that wee bit of tarmac reserved for cyclists… and a bunnet, yes a ancient bunnet in a four by four squeezes along side me and then pulls away..ARSE!
Tea and the freshest, straight from the oven, scones in Canto…. sweet!


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One Response to Through Gritted Teeth!

  1. David says:

    The Bunnet was a complete arse.

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