British Cycling Membership

Was talking to Andrew about this at the weekend and wondering if it wise to be a member for Insurance cover or just to put some cash back to cycling since we enjoy it. Didn’t come to a conclusion so anyone for any thoughts?

Or is CTC membership the way to go

Of the two I’m thinking British Cycling is anything.

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11 Responses to British Cycling Membership

  1. Ross says: provide the quote engine for British Cycling – not sure if cheaper going direct as you would need to add in the liability part of membership etc. is a comparison engine for bikes and came up with £46 for £700 bike including liability.

  2. somethings amiss …. since this post was made… the blog has started getting spammed … 😦

  3. David says:


  4. tartantiger says:

    How do I post a new topic?

  5. tartantiger says:

    By the way TartanTiger = Ross!

  6. Bill says:

    Rohan’s Rugby cancelled, so cycling for me, forecast sunny but cold so wrap up boys T & P 8.30am and that means in front of the Garage at 8.30am and no just a wee glance along at 8.35am AW!!!!!!!!!

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