All Roads did lead to Pitlochry

7:40… ice …
8:30 .. still freezing

The run was grrreattt. The roads were quiet with some of that frozen water periodically streaked across. This makes it slow going trying to pick your way through with out falling off. Strange how the best route across the ice was always on the wrong side of the road. Approaching Trinafour, the sun is glorious on our backs. We are still looking behind to see if any other clinicians are going to join us… Trinafour, always a pleasant climb, not as long or as steep as I remember doing it on the bouncy castle. The fork… oh how tempting it is to go down the Dunalistair… no no we go left and up.. more ice, Bill gets off and walks over the ice field, I take on some grit and go for it … Bill vanishes in the mist..(hope there are no gorillas) we are at the top.. goggles fogged up, the world has vanished in the mist now, the road has wet streaks across it.. are they frozen ….
The descent .. slow ..I follow Bills silhouette .. Ballo is quicker! There was mist ice and then when the sun broke through.. it was in your eyes…this is a summer run for sure!

The road back to Queens view was much the same… less Ice .. we stopped to take in the view, where the watery sun was reflecting through the mist off loch tummel .. and not for the first time “i wish i had my camera!” was heard echoing round the hills.
Queens Views passed and Andrew finds his mojo, the sweeping bends.. Bill follows (the mad fool).. The corner tightens, the otherside of the road is thankfully clear … a faint wail from Bill is heard.
Back to Pitlochry, no tea no scones … home .. warming up now!.. to quote that advert Brrrrriliant – I forget what its for. See you all next week!


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7 Responses to All Roads did lead to Pitlochry

  1. Bill says:

    Great morning, cold but in the sun really nice, company was good, all be it in short supply!!!!!! The roads were a bit iffy at times and some of the climbs were a bit of a challenge when your bike is stuck in the large ring, thankfully it did drop down for the climb up through Trinafour (thank f**k for small mercies) but it did decide to stay on the big ring for the climb up through Queens View, nice (not)!!!! Still had a great run and the fitness is doing okay so maybe a bigger turnout next time would be nice???

  2. David says:

    Sunday indeed was a glorious morning I was able to get my garage gutted and de-junked making space ready for the heating boiler being re-plumbed this week.

    I’m not pedaling this Sunday as Mrs B is taking me away for the weekend as it’s my Birthday 🙂

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