Kinross Sportive 2012 Marshalls required.

Saw this on the Kinross Sportive website. Anyone Interested as if you volunteer in 2012 you get a place in the 2013 event as thanks!


Annoyed about not getting in this year. Frustrated at not being able to ride this event which is rapidly becoming THE Sportive for central Scotland. Sorry that we can’t help you this year, but there is a way to guarantee your place for 2013 AND IT’S FREE! Just volunteer to be a marshal or help out on the event day. We have a number of different duties to fulfil. As a way of saying thank you for the days help you will get your lunch, the event memento, a really good day out and most importantly a free entry into the 2013 event.

If you want to take up this offer just contact us through this web sites contact page


The Sportive Kinross Management Team.

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2 Responses to Kinross Sportive 2012 Marshalls required.

  1. Bill says:

    Sorry boys busy that weekend!!!! Oh yes i am doing the Kinross sportive!!!!!! Did the TT today Monday instead of Sunday as was eatting and drinking for Scotland in Aberdeen, not bad managed to keep a 20.1mph average, the same as last time so fitness not slipping yet but dark nights are fair drawing in so think the fitness will fall away over the next few months. I am planning on doing a few spinning classes at Bells Sport Center if anyone wishes to join me some night, 6.00pm they start but you have to book a week in advance.

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