Sunday 9th October – Delayed 1st Sunday of Monday TT or Butterstone?


So what for this weekend? 08.00 start at T&P then either the Monthly TT or as it was raining last weekend and most of us decided to stay at home do we therefore do the Butterstone run and forget about the TT until beginning of November.

If we do the TT Andrew has volunteered to be starter due to his banana shaped problem then promises to be at either Newtyle or Glamis with his camera to record our efforts.

It’s going to be windy!

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5 Responses to Sunday 9th October – Delayed 1st Sunday of Monday TT or Butterstone?

  1. Enjoy this weekend boys, will think of you slogging away when i am up in Aberdeen!!!! Just entered the Etape Pennines in Durham for 7th October 2012 if anyone fancies a trip, closed road event like the Caledonia, 78 miles might make a weekend of it going down on the Friday!!!!!

    • David Beange says:

      MMMM Would that be a weekend away and then doing 78 miles with a hangover 🙂 saw the new event but reckoned it would be in School Holiday time so would rule out the family guys.

    • Andrew says:

      You are fast becoming the class swot1 🙂

      Thats school holiday time … not even me with my bucket load of brownie points will; be able to swing that.

  2. Its the first weekend off the holidays and you can take the wife and kids as well, its lovely in Durham and i am sure they can find something to do, not far to the Metro in Newcastle that should keep the girls happy for a couple of days at least!!!!

  3. david says:

    Butterstone wins for this weekend.

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