I wish you well…

While out today on what can only be described as a bouncy bloody castle… It occurred to me that to set off on a 100 mile expedition on a bike straight out the box is not really the best idea.

So i will not be doing the 100 mile run next week. For those doing the run.. have a blast.

I will doing this alternative shake down run (if the new bike arrives in time) :Coffee stop in Butterstone!

Start times 7:30 for the 100 mile run 8 for the Butterstone one!


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7 Responses to I wish you well…

  1. I should be there as i think Rohan is just training at the inch so Debs will take him!!! 8.00am T&P and a new coffee shop to try!!!!

  2. David says:

    No Rugby this Sundy to depress me so guess I’ll be cycling. T&P @ 8 it is

  3. David says:

    Wet! Butterstone can wait for another weekend

  4. Bill says:

    Wet yes, but that didn’t stop all of us, just most of us!!!! So it was 40 miles on my own again with only my ipod for company, a nice run but not with a 2 day hangover so a wee bit of a struggle to drag myself round but well worth it!!! Legs felt okay it was just the rest of me that was struggling, now worked out that Rum and cycling dont mix unlike Rum and coke that does!!!! Not about next week as in Aberdeen but will hopefully catch up with you all after that. (only 8 and a half months to get in shape for the etape boys, lets hope its no rainning)!!!!!

  5. Bill says:

    Kinross Sportive almost sold out, better be quick if you are going to enter only about 150 spaces left and it only went on release yesterday, great training run for the Etape which comes about 3-4 weeks later. I am doing the red run which is 67 miles if anyone fancies it!!!!!

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