Cycling alone together

And so it rained…

We gathered in Bill’s garage!

8:40 Alan sets off, looking like he is going fishing in the North atlantic
8:43 Andrew wants to set off … Bill stops him
8:44 Andrew sets off in his usual cycling gear
8:48 Bill sets off… Destination Meigle via Glamis.

Puffed out by Campmuir… this is not going to be good… still onward on the very moist roads…

and so it rained

Newtyle: andrew catches sight of Alan….Bill catches sight of Andrew…..
Easie that wee climb …. Andrew get passed by Bill …
Glamis: Andrew closing in on Alan … Bill squirts past Alan

and so it rained

8 miles to Meigle … that sign has to be wrong

Andrew passes Alan.

and so it rained

Bill arrives at Meigle … 1:21 avg 18.6
Andrew arrives at Meigle 1:27 avg 17.5
Alan arrives at Meigle 1:31 (guess) avg unknown

We are all moist… but not in a good way!!!

The Joinery Coffee Shop man declares us all mad and dishes up the tea and scones.

and so it rained

gentle roll home… averages drop a wee bit… but who cares

and so it rained

Now, where were the rest of the clinicians … in bed snug and warm or ironing!!!

Its still raining 😦


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4 Responses to Cycling alone together

  1. Does this sound petty but my average was 18.9!!!!

  2. Andrew says:

    no not really ….

  3. Bill says:

    Looking forward to doing it again next month, really enjoyed the challenge. We should think about doing a short mid week one, burrelton to Guildtown and back is 10 miles give or take and is a good one for a time trial!!!!!

  4. beange says:

    Done 29th August bit breezy but dry so todays run to Meigle was 1.30.37 Average 17.0 mph. Now off to cruise the med and relax for a week.

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