Where to go on Sunday … Knapp? Forfar? BroughtyFerry?

Inspiration required!!

Answers on here please!


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9 Responses to Toiling

  1. David Beange says:

    If this rain keeps up it will be a turbo session in the village hall!

  2. Bill says:


    • Andrew says:

      Shame … we could do a local looping run .. Guildton/bursie/collace/balbeggie.St martins/ Bridge of Islam/Woodside/campmuir/OverButtergask/kinochtry/home …. never more than about 10 miles from home .. and moderately lumpy too!

      • Bill says:

        Yep looks good to me, just never know if am going to be called oot!!!! Weather for the weekend shit with a capital S, will try and make it Sunday for a little while.

  3. johngattwood says:

    How about Burrelton Tay Bridge wormit newburgh perth burrelton

  4. johngattwood says:

    If looking for further Burrelton,Ballo. Abernyte Kingoodie Dundee Tay Bridge Wormit Newburgh Perth Burrelton

  5. Andrew says:

    and the route for Sunday is ….. Forfar/Kirrie and back 8am start from the garage … nice and long and not really lumpy!

  6. David says:


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