Saturday…Marches in

Following on from the success of last weeks Saturday run … Lets do it all again .. route to be decided… start from T&P at 7:30 … this assumes that the weather will be ok .. I read somewhere that if you say the weather tomorrow will be the same as today you will be right more often than the Met Office … looking at the forecast for next week … Saturday and Sunday should be braw … watch out for Sundays run too!

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5 Responses to Saturday…Marches in

  1. Bill says:

    Working this weekend, but will hopefully squeeze a wee run in on either Saturday or Sunday, will keep you posted.

    Ps Lets hope I feel a wee bit better that last weekend as thought my brakes were stuck on and was dragging a dead horse behind me!!!!

  2. Bill says:

    Managed to nip away from work early tonight and managed a wee run over Tully and on to the cemetery at Birkhill (was really working honest) and back again a cracking night and had the gid bike with me, f**k me what a difference, think the winter bike may become someone else’s bike as i have had enough of it!!!!!

    • Andrew says:

      I managed to cycle home from work today…. 43 mins door to door … was getting a bit twitchy about the light levels as I passed the Muries old place1

  3. Bill says:

    Weathers been great so nice to get oot and stretch the legs, hope the run back to work today was not to bad!!!!

  4. Andrew says:

    Run back to work was as swift as I could make it.
    If you look at my speedometer (I did have speedo in here, but that just made me think of budgie smugglers) it will tell you max speed achieved was 94.5 … yes ninety four point five! I actually glanced down at the trip computer as it recorded this speed .. no speed wobble or feeling of impending doom … I was stopped at the lights on Atholl Street at the time and the trip was flicking between 94.5, 62.3, 89.something and 58.something else, all the time I was stationary. Now, I don’t know what difference that would make to my average speed, but I will claim it made no difference. As soon as I moved from the lights, the trip started to behave again!! I think the cause is the black lines cut into the road surface that detect cars..The cycle back to work was slightly slower at 45 mins.

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