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The Mark of Andrew

Some more muckie roads were pedaled yesterday and it was Johns day to get the “Mark of Andrew” This is not a badge of honour more a mark to show who the poor sod was cycling behind Andrew on the … Continue reading

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Nice run today (if you were at the front), the gutters from last week were being flung by the tyres and caught by Daves face! 30 miles was the distance. No wind despite the curries the night before. Same again, … Continue reading

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Pedaling with flippers

I am not saying it was moist out … it wasn’t (is was under the many many layers) .. provided you don’t count the numerous wee bits of flooded road … Meigle was great.. we arrived 25 mins before the … Continue reading

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Sunday Service

I think last Sunday went well! 3 turbos 5 blokes 10 scones and tea fresh in the pot! Next Sunday… Same time! Same place!

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Its been a while … but it felt goooood!

I like a turbo in the morning … I knew Ross’s Ipod would come in handy for something … 2ManyDJs supplying the rhythm for my wee half hour in the garage …. So The Etape is not far away, and … Continue reading

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