Day 3…still cycling

Having had a quick reccy of the start of today’s run, Alan had done similar. Compromising to be done!

The band of 7 set out, up the road, then on to new to most a track. The first trail drops down quite dramatically and flows through the trees, it is a bit rooty. We get to the fairy doors, and there is an obligatory photo op!

Moving on we follow the train posts. This is again a touch more technical the most of the gaggle are used to. We come to what looks a bit like North Shore. It’s not it has steps in it. KS gets unseated and falls in her usual slow motion off. SW, puts a foot off the boards and has to be helped before KS who is pinned under her bike can be righted. Rolling on we soon join up with the Speyside Way and cover ground we did yesterday only in the other direction.

At Loch Garten now there is a fair amount of plootering down the trails dodging crisps and mutts. When we finally emerge at Boat of Garten, we have covered about 8 miles (going be the road would have been four). Scones and coffee consumed at The Boat, we head towards Aviemore on the Pine Martin trail. This track slowly deteriorates to a line of squashed grass. Hike a bike. I am at the back of the pack (pee stop) so when I career through the woods and over a tiny rse to catch up, my bar gets snagged on a bit branch, and I take a tumble… They laugh.

At Aviemore now, we opt for the orbital. Again lots of crisps make this sliw going. SW takes a tumble on a steep gravelly descent, while avoiding crisps and another wee dug. Shaken by this we head into the town centre and rest up with choccy biscuits.

Heading up the druie Road we turn in the the Dell Farm Road, smooth.. PKC could learn a lot from this. We go through the farm and past bulks, in their individual parks.

On the road to kinkardine now. The road is fast as we are wind assisted. Back into the woods now we follow the Osprey viewing trail and the cross back onto the Speyside Way again. We are on a charge to the accommodation now. On a particularly narrow and rocky corner, SS over eggs the pudding and her bike unceremoniously dumps her in the heather. Bruised and bashed her bike is lifter off her and she is helped to her feet.

On the home stretch now, we retrace our route back through the woods to the cabin… Braw! Curry for tea. Washed down with fav beverages. 28 miles again today…. Tomorrow, Loch Ericht is the target.

There is something to be said for a fluid run, where route decisions were taken on the fly, and different members of the tribe take on the role of ride leader.

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It’s Ryvoan Day

The happy band of 8 set off for the Ryvoan pass in the howling gale, and light smir.

The smir passed quickly, and we boosted along the track. Regrouping every mile or so. The decision of first right after the gate was comm’d… It was wrong, should have been second right. No biggie we got the right pass.

The climb started and went on for ever. The wind blew. Alan supplied chocolate for all at the highest point. We careered down the hill. Interestingly, I was not recognising this bit. I started to laugh, this was the wee track Alan and I hid in when we did the pass the last time.

Right then, back on the proper track, it undulated, the wi d blew ever harder and the drizzle was omnipresent. The White Loch came into view, I knew the Bothy was not far. Regrouping at the Bothy the assembled peloton were warned of the state of the track.

Onward and mostly downward now, we again regroup… There is only 6 of us. SS has fallen off. Light damage to knee, elbow and big toe. We set off again, boff down again. Pride bruised this time.

Regrouping and the weirdly fab green Loch.

Decision made, next stop the Druie Cafe for lunch.

Battering down the track, SW Follows Alan over a hump, squirts down the other side, does not arrest her speed and heads for the Heather coated ditch. The front stays on the track the back, not so much. But somehow, she holds it together and continues battering down the track.

At Druie now, soups ordered and scoffed.

Heading for BoG now, the wind is behind us, and the drizzle has abated.

At BoG, the decision to not have a beverage and just go back via Loch Garten.

We are well on our way now, Alan and I are well ahead, I stop to wait. Alan is over the hill and far away. I go back to find IW, RE ATRACHING Ashley’s pedal and crank again.

ALL sorted now, we bleesh the tracks all the way back to Nethy Bridge.

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To the Lady Garden

Parked up by the pitches in Nethy Bridge, we set up the bikes for our expedition to Grantown on Spey.

Being the ride leader I set off first to scope out how to get on to the Speyside Way(it wasn’t hard). We set off together and followed (mostly) the disused railway.

First incident, one of our number fell off in slow motion into the heather. Following the Speyside way, it is peppered with gates, which rather than being annoying, made the one at the front go the the back as they held the gate open.

Emerging from this very gentle off road section at the Smokehouse, we crossed the main road and gently climbed into Grantown. Approaching the square, there was an ominous metal clank. Ashe’s pedal and crank hit the road. Alan set about re attaching the crank to the bike. Job done, we went into the cafe/bakery ate cake drank our beverages and studied the map to find the Ladies Garden. It would have been rude not to visit.

There is a level of smut that follows any thing to do with the lady gardens.

We headed back towards Nethy Bridge on the road. The headwind is unpleasant. Alan, is at the head of the snake and me, I am at the back. There is an impromptu regroup. We are off road now, its good to be off the road, but it is a wee tad lumpy. We regroup a couple of times. Sandra falls into the bracken, causing a minor traffic Jam on a skittery we rise. Back on the road at Castle Roy (ruin), we are on the final approach to Nethy Bridge. I don’t go to the cars… Only the drivers do that, we all go up the Dell Road to our abode for the weekend.

Tomorrow we are going Ryvoan.

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Sunday 15th September

Where will the wind blow us this weekend. Weather forecast is for a warmer start but windier than last weekend and no forecast of the sun we eventually got.

Depending who is cycling there is a choice of route.

1 – Glen Isla to ER and back again.  No Tenandry please 🙂 I fancy a crack at the climb coming back up past Edradour to the moor.

2 – Perth down the Carse to Dundee and back up the other side. Not done this is ages.

8.30 start for either. Shout your preference (only if going to be there)

Update Thursday 12th. The route committee have met and the decision has been made for Option 1. See anyone there 8.30. If you need meeting point specifics ping me. 😎


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Sunday the 8th of September

Starting from the car park in Dunkeld up near the Hilton gates at 08:30, we will head through the sleepy little town , cross the A9 and go to Amulree. From Amulree, we head over the hill to Aberfeldy. Aberfeldy, its left to Kenmore to cross the mighty river Tay. Once over the river, it is right and back through Dull (twinned with Boring) along to Logierait. Logierait, we have options <smirk>, the hill to Guay or the A9 to Guay and then back to Dunkeld.

Obviously, there will be a tea stop at some point on this 50 mile route, now whether that is in Logierait or Aberfeldy after Dull has been visited or indeed anywhere along the route that we fancy.

See you there. As ever WP!

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September… Hmmm

Well, here we are in September, soon be time to put the knees away for the winter.

It’s going to be an odd run for me, I will be starting at Bells in Perth at 11:15. More odd than that, I have no real idea where I will be going. Most likely Dunkeld direction may be even the recommended Ballinluig truck stop for a bacon roll and strong tea.

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Sunday of the August Bank Holiday.

Starting in Burrelton at 08:30 we will head to Ardler, then Alyth and Kirrie. How we get to Kirrie is open for discussion (because we all know how I like a vague route) Out of Kirrie, Forfar is the target, and then over by Scarytown and on to Meigle for a well earned beverage and scone or something.

Then its Ardler again on the final leg home.

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