Solo Saturday

Following on the excitement of last week, I headed out on my own just to stretch the legs.  The “light” wind was in my face to start with – my choice as i went up the main road heading for Perth. I get off the main road at the earliest opportunity and am sort of heading for Collace. My heart is just not in it. I am looking at the guttery road and wondering if i have or will be able to maintain traction. I don’t do Collace, i opt for a flatter run.

On the approach to Balbeggie  I meet Perth United, they don’t acknowledge my little wave. There loss. I am back on the main road now, and opt for Murryshall. the roads still look greasy to me. Plodding on, for that is the pace i am going at, i go past The Hotel and pop out on the road between Scone and Perth. The cycle lane here had bike tracks in the detritus. i opt for out side the wee manky lane. Approaching the inch, i get a look from the park run marshal. I plough on and let the park runners pass on my left.

Away from the runners now i am heading for Luncarty. Passing Denmark Field the path still has the flailed remnants of the hedge on it. my bike is making an odd noise. It has me thinking that i have something stuck on a tyre. At the bridge over the Rail line i stop and check but see nothing.  I set off, my left foot will not clip in.

Through Luncarty and heading for Stanley, i stop to see if i can fix my cleat. its the overshoe fouling the mechanism.

Onward to Kinclaven, i stop at the bridge, my right cleat wont disengage. The left does and i avoid an embarrassing fall over. On the bridge now, two vehicle overtake me.  At Isla bridge, i am pedaling with only one foot clipped in,,, its not nice.

Up to Woodside, my phone is chirping. I am being hounded for an eta. i ignore the phone and trundle on.

Tomorrows job is to replace the cleats ( i bought them when i replaced my helmet.

Next week, who knows where we shall go!

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I am today going to start at the end as its important, then fill in all the usual rubbish that i normally write.

I met Simon and Karen at Rotmell Farm near Dunkeld after following the ambulance there from the Blairgowrie Road… Karen Standing, Simon sitting looking a bit shocked and covered in blood. The Ambulance departs with Simon on board and Karen riding shotgun to Ninewells Hospital. The driver leans out the window and confirms the destination. I am left at the farm “guarding” the bikes waiting for David and Philip to arrive.

The banter was the usual stuff waiting for everybody to arrive at the start. Why did David park his car over the biggest puddle in the Cally car park… he now has to wade to get his bike off the car. Simon is wearing size 25 shoes, don’t think anybody said clown feet… but not far off. Norman arrives, he is new to the group, Philip and Karen had invited him. Its always good to get a new buddy in the group. Philip and Karen arrive late… babysitters are just not reliable enough (thank goodness i am past all that).

And we are off!

We had cycled up to Loch Ordie, some bits of the track treacherous with ice. I was pooing my shorts all the way up. (see last week’s write up) The reward at the top was spectacular, its a stunning day no wind and the loch views were splendid. There was a round of photographs . The six of us in good spirits, guzzling what ever snack we had carried, and drinking the almost slushie water from our bidons.




There was a brief conversation about punctures and who had pumps. I had gas!

We set off back down the way we had climbed. The earlier frozen mud ruts are now soft and thawing. I am almost at the back. I ask Dave if my back wheel looks ok, it is squirming about under me. Its not, i have a puncture. Dave set off to hold up the rest of the group. I fill the tyre with CO2 and decide to just go for it back to the car. I make it to the car without having to do the repair.

So, there i am waiting for the rest to get back to the car, Norman had intimated some other track back – i was not risking it. Dave chaps on the window, Simon had come a cropper, superman style over the bars, didn’t get his arms out, and splat.


All was going reasonably well on the return. Andrew kept going trying to get back to the car before his tyre fully gave out. We are strung out with Simon running down the central ridge then suddenly he is face down in the mud. His tyre had gone down into a soft muddy hole and that catapulted him over the bars. No first aid kit only some plasters so Karen tended to Simon using anything and everything including Philips shirt are used to help a dazed Simon. Norman goes to see the farmer working near by and the lad is able to back his tractor and trailer up to us. Simon is loaded in the back with Karen and they headed off down the track. A couple of cyclists squeezed past us not asking what was going on or if they could help but one gent did and helps us gather the bikes and offer help as he could. Back at the car park Tess jumps into the Landie while bikes are loaded then Norman takes Simons Car away to his to save abandoning it at the car park. Philip & David then head to Rotmell to meet Andrew.

PS. So was the cause of the accident the temporal rip in the space time continuum caused by Karen and Andrew being in the same locale at the same time?

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Get yer tags off – Now Oh Lordie Loch Ordie!

After the expense of last weeks black ice, more cycling has been ordered to air out the replacement stuff.

Change of Plan.

Meet at the “Calley Car Park” at 9 on Sunday 19/02. Off up the hill round the loch and back (ish) as depending on how we all doing I’m sure Andrew may have a detour in mind.

Coffee back in Dunkeld thereafter.

The route leaves Burrelton at 09:00ish and heads to Abernyte. There is only one way to Abernyte. Then its into the carse and a head along the hill foot to Pitroddie. After Pitroddie we can go one of two ways, Balthayock or Scone. Makes no real difference to the distance or the altitude, just the challenge.

Arriving in Perth, we head out along the river to Redgorton and then up to Bankfoot, Waterloo  and across to Murthly.  It is then we will ping (lol) back to the start.

Distance is about 48 miles. Coffee, yes there is the potential for two (Perth and Murthly) but there can be only one scone.

The go decision will be made when I look out of the curtains at 8am. If Its frosty its not happening, ‘cos I am not doing that bambi thing on a bike again and having to replace another helmet.


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Dr Who… What?

Todays run could be defined by songs “should have known better” out whitelea Road the chatter was all about Dr Who and how Karen and I are never seen in the same peleton.  The children I am with are now just calling me Karen.
The first 30 went to Simon, actually they all went to him today,  mustly unchallenged but also goaded. St Martins Balbeggie abernyte all came and went with me dropping off the back, and coughing my lungs up. Maybe today should not have been so long. By the time we got to Knapp I was puggled and ready for a sleep. Good job there was black ice and this gave the opportunity to lie down on the road at speed. I felt my helmet strike the tarmac, and once standing realised my hip had taken a knock and my forearm. Looking round Simon was also on the deck and so was David.”another one bites the dust”
Composed we walked a bit to get out of the shadows and set off for Fowlis the Liff and Muirend.
My total lack of form prompted the guys to ask if I wanted to just go home… Nah, I could virtually smell the coffee at The Pot and Pantry 7 miles away. We set off, and I got dropped.. They waited at a Lundie junction, I went past with a friendly wave(all fingers). Not stopping as I had a decent rhythm was good so. A bit further up the road, the dynamic duo reeled me in.
Now, one of my favourite descents is the one into Newtyle. I realised that I was catching them. Squirting past David, I kept my nerve and sat on Simon’s wheel. Bump in the road, my bike rattles, Simon glances round and spots me… About 75yards to early, I go past, knowing that I have poked the bear. The bear goes past and claims the 30. David now goes past me and I follow at a distance to Meigle.
PandP scones had, tea and capuchinos consumed, we mount up and head back. My hip has tightened some what.
Ardler is approaching, Holy carp, there is freakin black ice… Squeeky bum time, Ardler is all icey. We continue on to Kettins and back to home. The corner at Balgersho was taken at the slowest speed since I really don’t know when.
NEXT week is in the plot planing.. Similar distance, may be a wee bit more, this getting fit while coughing up yer lungs has to be done.

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ELN is in 15 or maybe even 14 weeks.

So, here is Sundays run, starting in Burrelton at 09:15.

Whitelea Road, Guildtown, St Martins, Balbeggie, Abernyte, Knapp, Auchterhouse, Newtyle, Pot and Pantry, Ardler and back.

This route has a number of advantages, it gives me the opportunity to bail if my wheezing chest decides not to play and variations abound should they be required. Plenty of 30s to contest too! Don’t think any of it is off highlighter either.

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Karen joined us again today and remembered her shoes too. No Andrew as still nursing the lurgy which some say takes 6 weeks to shake !

Setting off sharp to Almondbank where Simon claimed his first 30. Up through Pitcairngreen heading for Moneydie on one of the very few stretches of the route that was familiar to Karen. Moneydie Karen caught us napping at the crossroads with a dive across the junction to claim the 30! The despicable behaviour is strong today.

Up to Little Glenshee we head. No ski slopes a this one. It’s a steady climb all the way to the hairpin then it’s down to the Ford. This was approached with caution anticipating deep water. Simon went ahead and we followed. He then suffered on the nippy climb out by being in too high a gear so had to muscle his way up.

I warned everyone about the Junction and right turn once into the trees and off we headed. Down to the trees using our share of the empty road when at very very rapid speed comes a muckle big tractor round the bend filling the whole road. The tractor driver got a mighty scare and took to the ditch taking out and crushing some bollards. Karen thankfully managed to brake and not take me out and we all squeezed past not bothering to look back at the tractor. I bet he did that journey many times and never met anyone coming the other way.

Right to Buchanty into a bit of a headwind. The route was giving as its fair share of elevation gains. Nothing as wild in one go like last week but constant. The final reckoning showed this route having 200 feet more elevation gain than last week.

Turning at Buchanty and it’s tailwind time along to Glenalmond with a short nature stop along the way. Over the hill at Pitscotton and down Cog Brae for a pleasant change. The smell of coffee was getting strong although Karen had got excited at The Chappelhill inn hoping that was out stop. The Gloagburn Coffee and Scone hit the spot. While inhaling these Karen announced that she had let Simon go first back at the Ford as a dipstick! It was here we also heard that Simone car alarm had been going off every so often. Doggie car minder making noises and a possible system reset post service meaning the car alarm no longer was doggie safe.

Back in Crieff road and I manage to make a kamikaze dive under Simon at the roundabout to claim the final 30 of the day!

Our mileage hasn’t quite hit 40 miles so we had a detour around the School and then up and down my street until we hit the 40! Karen at first was confused when Simon had gone past his car.

Some tech issues for Simon to look at as garmin and phone not syncing. Better garmin luck this week for me. Last week I had 5% battery left from fully charged. This week I used my older unit and still had 75% battery left. I think the other unit is fecked.

Another fun outing and I for one felt way better than last week during the cycle and Karen has seen some new roads.

PS. It will take alcohol for the story of Simon stroking to lights!

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Hillyish 😀 5th Jan

Well if last week was Flatish then this has to be Hillyish.

9.30 start Perth then a 40 ish mile ride heading either Northish or Southish 😀

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