Sunday 25th of February… Winter WMT

Is it still a wmt, even I know where we are going?

Starting at 9am from the green (Village Not the Jolly Giant), we will head round the millennium to the grave yard and then to Coupar agnus. So, from here we find our way to the Isla and get ourselves on to the flood defences where we will go up stream for a bit before popping up to the main road.  Crossing the road we take a number of marked paths (I have tried this before ) to eventually end up at Ardler and then for a scone at Meigle…  If other pesky cyclists don’t get them all first.


As ever mtb, wmt and wp (tma)


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Right then…

So it’s the new year and all those resolutions are in takers already. Well here’s the plan… When it’s a tad warmer, I will be setting some Sunday runs. 

P.s. I didn’t make any resolutions. 

P.p.s if you have a route in mind, let me know 🙂

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Sunday 26th November 

Planning to do a one way ride from the North Inch, starting at 11:35. Route is likely to be to Dunkeld and then home from there. This is a road bike run. Wp

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Conspires against me…

There I was thinking I could go to Escape Route for a tea (don’t do coffee). When rugby duties take over.

The plan is to start at the North Inch at 10:10 and do a road run for about an hour or so and be back at the inch in time to watch the rugby.

Something like this Perth Loop

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The Sunday Ride

Saw this and it rung true of many a Sunday rain hail sleat snow and occasional sunshine too. With mocking from family for venturing out in fetching lycra for hours.

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Bonfire of the Cyclists

Saturday morning I did a recce run, and decided that, despite my self confessed WMT , this run is probably best suited to a warm summers day. The route was surprisingly dull due to it following flood defences that stop water and the scenery. see it here!

So, to Sundays run options are two fold, both will have areas of WMT, both have a refreshment stop.

Option 1.two wee doses of WMT and a stop at Stewart Towers.

Option 2. One wee WMT and a stop at Uisge

Both runs are about 20 miles (poetic licence :-))

Departure from the green at 10:30.

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Sunday 24th September 

Sunday’s run will start at the green at 10:30… I know a long lie!

It’s a mixed run with a variety of on (almost all the way to Newtyle) road and off road for a section or two of the return.

Coffee at Meigle comes around the 10 mile mark and the ten mile return will take in the disused railway at Ardler, the sights of Causwayend in CA and the graveyard – but not all by the road J


Note: all the off road sections are avoidable if that is your wish.

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